• S. G. DHANANJAYA Department of Zoology, Government Science College, Chitradurga, Karnataka- 577501, India.
  • K. ROOPA Department of Biochemistry, Government Science College, Chitradurga, Karnataka- 577501, India.
  • K. L. NAIK Zoology Department, Sahyadri Science College (Aut), Shivamogga, Kuvempu University, Karrnataka- 577201, India.
  • I. RAMESH Zoology Department, Sahyadri Science College (Aut), Shivamogga, Kuvempu University, Karrnataka- 577201, India.
Keywords: Blood, ABO groups, Rhesus factor, Haemoglobin, Chitradurga


Blood is the fluid with haemoglobin that circulates in the body to transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and other products of metabolism. It is involved in the thermoregulation and distributes hormones along with other agents that are necessary for homeostasis. Determination of blood group is important as ABO and Rh blood grouping system is utmost important from human health. Nearly 25 types of blood groups are determined at present. Incompatibility between donor and recipient and pregnant women with her embryo may pose difficulties. Anaemia is a condition with low haemoglobin (Hb) in human blood (Hb less than 130 g/L) due to malnutrition which is high in rural and backward areas. Study was conducted on college students of age group 18yr to 21 to observe the distribution of blood groups and haemoglobin percentage level because the Chitradurga district is considered as backward area. Results of investigation revealed order of blood group as O>A>B>AB with high Rh+ factor and average haemoglobin percentage of13.4g/dl in males and 11.68g/dl in females of selected age group.


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